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3 Stunning Ways to Upgrade your Home Workspace Design!

Forced to work from home during this lockdown. Don't worry, we are all in this together and #letsmakethiswork in our favor!

The remote working trend has gained momentum since the outbreak of COVID-19. In my previous post, I wrote about the pros and cons of a home workspace, click here to read more, it can help you in understanding whether a home workspace is meant for you or not!

There are some essential steps you can take to enjoy work from home:

1. Remember mess creates stress -Decluttering your space is of utmost importance.

2. Stick to a fixed schedule - Wake up early, get dressed and get to work, a fixed schedule is sure to enhance productivity.

3. Keep track of your working hours - When working from home keep a track of the number of hours of work you are putting in. This is to ensure that you are working efficiently and being productive throughout the day.



Having said that, I have done some trend spotting of three really cool home offices which you can draw inspiration from:


Are you a fan of Andy Warhol? If you are, believe me, the theme 'POPPIN' OUT' is a classic fit for you! A room isn't complete without leaving your own colorful mark on it.

Find a small desk in your house, put your computer on it and if there are shelves above the table you can decorate them to make them POP!

If you are a creative genius (which you must be if you are reading this blog), decorate your home office bookshelves with complementary pop colors, you can use spray cans, watercolors, bangles, frames, vases...the trick is in making the most of whatever you have in the house!

Throw in a bold patterned rug and chair and give a vibrant and cozy upgrade to your home workspace. Now you will definitely look forward to wake up and work at this poppin' office!


Pastel colors are inherently soothing and create an atmosphere of pleasant tranquility. Add a dash of gold and make your home workspace sparkle!

This is a look that fits in perfectly with the needs of a modern home office – a space that needs to be serene, stylish and productive.

A good way to start is by replacing small furniture pieces in your home office with pastel blue, pink or even green.

This keeps the room still largely neutral in its appeal even while giving it a ‘glowing’, pastel-centric look. You can use gold frames, gold pen holders and organizers and maybe a chest of drawers with metal handles to add some glitter!


Vintage white wood furniture and beautiful planters in your home office will give you the effect of working in a serene garden.

Splash out on an artistic, geometric stand that makes a living room statement and makes your home office glow green!

Make the little details stand out by accommodating a unique planter or holder in your contemporary home office furniture.

With this work-from-home setup, you may never want to make the commute to your office again!

One of the perks of working from home is that you can design your office however you like. So, if you’re going to buy office supplies, you might as well have fun with it. Let your personality shine. Create the perfect work environment that balances comfort and focus. Bid goodbye to the mundane cubicle (just for the time being) and hello to your colorful and vibrant customized home workspace!

For next time, let's take this challenge #letsmakethiswork to the next level! Stay tuned for the next article...

Also, remember to stay home and stay safe! Scroll below to the end of the page to comment!

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*Images and visual assets are sourced from Unsplash and Pexels.

*Inspiration images are taken from Pinterest and do not belong to me.

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I really liked this article. Evergreens all the way!

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