How to incorporate Minimalism into your Home Office Workspace?


If you are going to implement a minimalist style in your home, make your home office the first area to see that change. Believe it or not, less desk space clutter means less mental clutter. If you want your home office to be a haven of concentration and uninterrupted workflow, then creating a minimalist workspace is the way to go.

I have written a bit about home offices previously, you can check out my recent post to read more. However, I have a friend of mine who is also a talented writer to share his knowledge of building a minimalistic home workspace.

Today’s guest post writer is The Brown Minimalist who is a travel and watch enthusiast residing in the United Kingdom. He loves minimalism whether that is a part of your decor or your watch design. On his blog, you can find reviews on travel and enthralling travel adventures, as well as advice on topics such as photography.

You can visit his blog at, or follow him on Twitter.


Incorporating Minimalism into the Design of Your Workspace


Minimalistic designs are very simplistic and don’t have a lot of detail on them.

For example, minimalistic clothes have solid colours and don’t have any pictures or patterns on them. The typography doesn’t use fancy fonts such as gothic either. Instead, the fonts used are more block-like, such as the design I have used for my blog heading. In abstract art, the drawings are characterised using few colours and simple geometric designs.

Often when people think of minimalism, they think of living with the bare minimum and getting rid of 90% of your possessions. But this is far from the truth… So, what exactly is minimalism?

  • It is a way of eliminating unnecessary things so you can focus on what matters

  • Incorporates simple designs

  • It allows you to focus on having experiences

  • It causes less stress

So now we’ve established some of the key points about minimalism, why have a minimalist desk set up?

  • It removes clutter and distractions so you can focus on your work better

  • It’s easier to clean your desk

  • You only have possessions that mean something to you e.g. why have loads and loads of pens, when you could have a few quality pens instead?

Hopefully, you have sorted through all your things on your desk and decided what to keep and what not to keep. You can see the post I did for Sweeney’s Blogs on how to decide what to keep and what to ditch here:

How to Set Up Your New Desk Space

When it comes to minimalist setups, less is more. This means you’ll have more space to work, and you will have to spend less time having to tidy up your things. Here’s how you can set up your desk, minimalist style.

  • Get a Desk Organiser/ Desk Tray

Desk organisers and trays are a simple way to sort your pens and other accessories, so I strongly recommend getting one. It is also very easy to clean too. No need for a pen holder, paper holder, phone holder, paper holder, etc… You can find some good ones here:

  • Get This HARTE LED Work Lamp from IKEA - This minimalistic lamp is made of aluminium and won’t take up a lot of space at all. You can get it in several colours including black, white, and even yellow. It has an A+ rating with its LED light, which lasts a lot longer than incandescent bulbs. Plus, you can even connect it to your computer via the USB port. Find it here.

  • Viking Has This Great Bundle - This mesh bundle comes with a bin, pen pot, file organisers, and letter rack. All this for £19.99! All the equipment you’ll need for your minimalist desk set up. Find it here.


Get Minimalist Stationery - This minimalist stationery will be a great addition to your new minimalist desk space. Minimalistic stationery should have simple designs e.g. notebooks should be solid colours and have no patterns and minimal text on them.

Ideally, all your stationery should be the same colour and make, which is why it’s a good idea to get sets.

Some good brands are Moleskin, JAM PAPER, and MUJI. I’ve found Japanese stationery often incorporates minimalism into the design of their stationery, so it’s worth taking a look at.

Here is some stationery I’ve found to give you some ideas:






Overall, if you like simple designs or you want to tackle clutter on your desk, then a minimalist set up could be beneficial for you. Not only will you find it easier to keep your desk clean, but you will be able to focus better as there will be fewer distractions. I hope this guide was useful, and now you have a better idea of how to set up your new workspace.

*Images and visual assets are sourced from Unsplash.


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