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Daily Quarantimes: Top 3 pros and cons of working from home.

How is this quarantime treating you? I hope your motivation levels are slowly rising up! With the new WHO regulations elevating COVID 19 from an epidemic to a pandemic, businesses are majorly affected and are forced to consider the option of working remotely.

Some organizations believe that working from home can help them safeguard their employees, while some believe it might affect productivity levels adversely.

In the light of the current happenings, if we think realistically, it doesn't matter where you work from, as long as you are safe and you are still WORKING!

Think about it, working from home isn't all that bad, there are a lot of overlooked advantages when it comes to working from home but it has its cons too.


Let's take a look at the classic benefits of remote work as the situation calls for it:


You can take breaks at any moment, eat your lunch at weird timings and no one can rush you to finish your work!

As long as you are doing your allotted tasks for the day and finishing them on time, how and when you do it does not matter.

You can have a flexible schedule instead of a fixed one which your free-spirited staff might prefer for a change!


Wake up and set up your noise level as you wish, feel like playing Led Zeppelin on max volume, you are free to do it!

You can create a customized environment along with a home-based workspace!

Play your music, keep some fresh flowers on your desk and tune into your work to maximize your productivity!


Woke up in those super comfy pajamas? Now you can sit and work in them! Or you can even wear that baggy shirt from college which you own since 1996!

When you go to the office, it's all about style and being sassy, when you work at home it is all about your comfort first!

What a welcoming change from the same routine, right? (I like to see the bright side, always!)


Considering there are positives, there are corresponding negatives too, when working remotely.


Got a new project but too distracted by Netflix? You tell yourself, just this one episode and you go on and on till the end of the day.

If you work remotely, discipline and willpower are essential for higher productivity levels.


Are you a sleepyhead? Then working remotely is going to really put you to the test.

You might tell yourself, 'this is just a power nap' and you wake up 1 hour later to realize you still have a ton of work remaining to be finished.

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Do you miss those times when you giggle at stupid things with colleagues at work? Along with communication for work, you might miss sharing some laughs with your colleagues. When working remotely, you might not have anyone to speak to for hours, is that something you would like?

Many people might prefer such an environment but some social butterflies might miss it too. After all, how long can you go without seeing another human being?

So, to summarize the situation, the grass is always greener where you water it.

When you're at work nothing sounds more amazing than working from the comfort of your bed in your cozy blanket and when you are working from home, you reminisce about making jokes with your co-workers and brewing some hot coffee.

Either way, it’s important to choose the environment you’ll be most successful in. As you begin to work longer and build more experience, learning to focus in any surrounding is a valuable life skill, and will only help your professional career in the long run — especially as remote-first companies are gaining traction.

If you’re still newer to the workforce, start by simply finding out where you do your best work and why.

*Images and visual assets are sourced from Unsplash, Envato Elements, and Pexels.

In these hard times, be active, keep yourself motivated and STAY POSITIVE!

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