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1. Can we get custom illustrations for social media?

We have options for using photos, illustrations, and custom designs for social media.

2. Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! Working with a designer is a big investment, so we try to make payments as simple as possible for our clients. First, you'll pay a 30% deposit to reserve your spot in our schedule. From there, we'll break up the rest into 3-4 payments that will be spread equally throughout our project. However, we’re flexible and are happy to discuss other payment plans options that work better with your budget.

3. How do you charge for these services?

Pricing depends on many variables, but you can always be rest assured that you’ll be paying for high quality, original work. Our prices are competitive and fair based on the quality of our finished products. Potential customers can view some of our graphic design work, here.

4. What is the client’s involvement in the design process?

We like to keep the client fully involved in the design process. We encourage all of our clients to send us any samples, color combinations, swatches, and ideas they may have as this will help get our creative juices flowing in the right direction. The client is also asked to review and approve various drafts throughout the design project, so they are always aware of the progress that is being made on the project.

5. Do you provide support for posting social media?

Yes, we provide support to create a content plan, posts, and post on social media.

6. Who owns the copyright for the work delivered?

The ownership of the usage and copyrights of the work after completion depends on what is agreed between the client and us. We would like to retain the right to promote the work for advertising purposes.

7. What does a simple social media post package include?

A simple social media post package includes a social media content plan, a custom theme, and 30 monthly posts. Within the 30 posts, combinations of video and static can be made depending on your budget.

8. What are the other things that can be included as a part of social media?

Social media management is something you may require, where we manage all your different channels of social media.

9. What information do we need to provide in order to get the process started?

We have a client questionnaire filled by the client which is an integral part of the process. This will include a clarification from the client on what content they would like to post as well as the style they would like to go for.

10. How soon can we start?

Our availability varies throughout the year, but we typically book projects 1-3 months in advance.

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