The Most Popular Home Decor trends of 2020-2021


How many of you love browsing those stunning images on Pinterest? I definitely enjoy Pinterest, it's like my very own visual reference guide. From travel flat lays to fashion and home decor, Pinterest is full of super creative ideas and inspiration.

When I see all those amazing images of home decor inspiration, I have noticed a pattern in them. In 2010, it was all about chevron prints, and the next year people were jumping to get their hands on tribal print pillows.

This year seems like one of those years where the biggest interior trends will materialize. In the last few years, some huge home decor trends were stone-colored walls, sputnik chandeliers, and steampunk furniture.

From the repeated trends I have seen on Pinterest, I have pulled out a bunch of trends that seem to be BIG this year. Apply any one of them and believe me every time you enter your house your eyes will light up with admiration for sure!


Before I dive into the trends, I would like you to know that trends are like fashion they come and go. Though the list I am going to give is timeless, you might like or dislike them. Some trends will connect with your personal style and you can implement those into your space for a fresh update. To help you out in implementing them I have created mood boards for the trends which can serve as a guide while applying them. So let's begin,



Though the steampunk trend is quickly fading, there are definitely chances of the brass trend rising up. Brass looks gorgeous and can be beautifully paired with little cocktail tables and chairs, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom accessories sets.

The one thing to remember is that the brass trend is going to evolve this year, meaning the shiny stuff is going to go out and the unfinished antique furniture with brass finishing will make a grand entry. Brass looks great with dark midnight blues and soft pastel colors alike. It also complements shades of browns and burnt orange as well.

You can now add some antique brass accents to your home and give it a makeover without really changing your furniture. Ready to kick some brass?



I absolutely love this trend. From the cover of my laptop to my phone wallpaper, I have neutral marble tones everywhere! For some reason, adding colored marble stone can immediately add sophistication to your furnished space.

Marble has made a huge comeback as one of the striking interior trends this year, but the key is to use it in small doses, like mini statement art pieces for example.

Marble can add a luxurious look to your master bedroom if used as flooring or in columns.

Another place you can use marble is your sinks! Yes, your sinks! Curved marble vessel sinks look really


The best thing about marble is it is strong, sturdy, and will last a lifetime. It can also stand a lot of wear and tear while still looking high-end!



The '90s decor is definitely back and here to stay. The big, chunky, and geometric furniture designs of the '90s are the inspiration behind the emerging modernism found in the furniture pieces today.

Big and bold teak wood 4 poster beds, wall units, and sink in patterned sofas paired with thick and sturdy dining tables are making a glamorous comeback today. These paired with earth tone grays and dark browns will give your home that late '90s enchanting look.

The intricate work found on these pieces in quite antique and is inspired by mid-century art. You will find Mughal and Roman influences in the furniture inspired by the '90s.

If you love retro, just like me, this trend is the best fit for your home!



Ceramics are here to stay! They have a really versatile design. Intricately designed patterns on ceramics have become an important part of interior decoration in 2020. Remarkably created handmade ceramics and pottery add a certain earthy touch to your home decor.

Ceramics come in varying vibrant colors from softer palettes to darker shades. Depending on the texture of the room, glazed and shiny or non-glazed ceramics can be selected to add as home decor accent pieces.

The current trend is leaning towards minimalist ceramics. Contemporary minimalist ceramics come in clean-lined, perfectly weighted, and precise forms. Less is more when it comes to minimalist white ceramics.

Floral prints on ceramic plates and crockery look lovely too if you like adding touches of ceramics to your walls and cupboards.

Ceramics are sure to stand out with their quiet beauty and sophisticated style in your home space.



Geometric patterns have taken the interior design game to the next level. If you are obsessed with symmetry then you will love this trend. Whether it's just a rug or the shape of your furniture, creatively angled geometry is pleasing to every eye.

Straight lines and geometric shapes create order and chaos at the same time and that's what is so unique about this trend.

If you are feeling experimental, there are also optical illusions that can be created with repeated geometric patterns in black and white giving your home a surreal vibe.

Concentric circles and triangles when used in key pieces of furniture in a room create innate geometric designs.

So look around your room, do the math and inject a dose of geometry to it!


Before you apply any of these trends, be sure to take the natural architectural shapes in your room into account. Like the floorboards, the shape of your walls and the curvature of your room need to be considered before giving it a design makeover. With these trends, the possibilities become endless when it comes to creating a picturesque home for you.

Have another trend in mind that can be included in this list? Drop it below in the comments.

*Reference images and visual assets are sourced from Pinterest, Google, Unsplash, and Pexels. I do not own them.

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