6 Effective Steps for Creating a Viral Blog Post


You have just hit the publish button and your next blog post is live. Now is when you want your writing to shine bright like a diamond! You want the most amazing comments to flow in abundance and you want numerous readers subscribing to your website, isn't it? Creating a viral content buzz is not just about creating content, it is all about showcasing it in front of the right people and that's what I will be showing you. Making your content go viral is like growing a plant, it requires a lot of patience and love.

Ask any blogger with a decent audience, how they get so much traffic, and they will reply saying that making your content really phenomenal is the key. We all know that 'content is king', but there are gazillion blogs out there writing about the same topics you are writing about. In a sea full of big fish blogs even floating as a newborn becomes difficult. The secret is not 'WHAT' you do to get traffic but 'HOW' you do it. That is what I am going to highlight further ahead, the 'HOWs' of making your post go viral.

Your blog deserves to be read, appreciated, and take the internet by storm!


After 6 months of cohesive research, I have found some common traits between most viral blog posts available on the internet and have formed my own secret recipe to go viral. Let's jump in without further ado.



Your headline needs to be super attractive and should make your audience feel like they are missing out on something vital if they don't click and read your post. A well-constructed headline can lead to an incline in your blog's audience.

To craft killer headlines, it is essential to first note down the topic of your blog post in one sentence. Now you need to understand is this sentence solving a problem? Does it show how the reader benefits from your post? If no, you need to search for keywords that achieve these objectives. Next, you need to insert these emotional keywords into your headline and BOOM, you got a great and compelling headline!

Usually, a good headline should range between 8-10 words with at least 3 keywords. If you are going to write a blog, you will surely promote it on social media, right? So make a list of 4 to 5 uniquely keyword rich headlines that you can use in alteration on different social media platforms for marketing. The reason to do this is that you never know which headline will hit the jackpot, bring in stupendous audience applause, and go viral!


Just like your headline, if your posts evoke strong emotions like humor, happiness, or even rage it pushes people to click the share button. Doesn't matter who your audience is whether it is working moms or white collar professionals, an emotional appeal will surely get more readers to your blog. If you can whip up a post that includes at least one strong emotion that appeals to human nature you are guaranteed to get more sales. However, be careful when writing posts with negative connotations associated with it as it has an impact on your brand reputation also.



As a blogger, I bet you dream of ranking on the first page of Google? We all do and the easiest way to achieve this is by using long-form content tactics. A month back Google revealed that long-form content is the best path to give you a higher ranking.

Posts that go beyond 2000 words are welcomed by Google and definitely rank better on it. Also, the longer your content the better are the chances of garnering quality backlinks. So it is a good idea to write posts that range between 2-3k words for a better ranking on Google.

This makes Google believe that your blog post is well researched, detailed, and comprehensive in every way. Anything lower than 1k words is considered to be short on information and content.

You must have seen that my posts are pretty detailed and go beyond 5k words normally. I used to write shorter posts when I started but as I progressed I realized long-form content got me loads of dedicated readers. You don't need to write so much, but it is crucial to hitting the 'beyond 2k wordmark' for a successful ranking on Google.


If you are a seasoned blogger or just starting out, promotion is the key to pull in an audience that cares about what you are writing. In a nutshell, once you hit publish, just promote the heck out of your post! What I mean is share it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. These four platforms are good enough to start with. You can always share them on platforms like Bloglovin and Mix (initially stumbled upon) also once you master the previous platforms. If you have a Facebook page, share it there so your followers can know about the new post as well. The most essential part of promotions is using effective keywords as they tend to increase your chances of ranking on Google and ultimately leads to more clicks.



When you land on a blog, what grabs your attention first? The main picture on it. This is because readers tend to process visual content marketing before they get to the written content and a good picture can hook their attention.

Pictures not only speak a thousand words but also summarize your content. Bright and vibrant colored photos tend to add the extra spunk to your already super creative blog post.

Stock photo websites have beautiful flat lays and pictures which you can use on your blog. You can go for a paid subscription or even try free stock photo engines.

You can find some great suggestions in my previous post on affordable creative and design resources. If you want to create something that is never seen before, you can click your own photos! I do that sometimes when I feel like giving an edge to my post.

Today, smartphones are so good, editing becomes easy too! Remember, images fuel your content in a way that written content never will so spend a decent amount of time choosing stunning free images and royalty-free stock photos for your blog.

If you want a consolidated checklist of what to do pre and post hitting publish to make your blog post viral, check out my new product, The Blog Pre-Publish and Accomplish Checklist.


A lot of things go into setting up a blog like promotions, SEO, collaborations, opt-ins, and freebies. But if you nurture it like your own little plant, you can see it grow into a BIG tree one day! So, don't be afraid to invest your time and effort into your blog as every tiny plant does blossom one day!

*References for illustrations and inspiration taken from Freepik.

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