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The Quintessential List of Art and Design Resources


Good art and design resources are like Khaleesi's dragons, rare and extraordinary! They are a great way to save time and effort regardless of whether you are a professional designer or not.

Sometimes, you might go through a creative block, and you might need amazing visual inspiration to overcome it. Want to learn more about overcoming a creative block? Click here to read my previous post.

Do not worry as I have a plethora of art and design resources which I would love to share with you so that you can become a design superhero! Yes, that is what I call it as creative block cages you and cuts your inventive genius. Using the best art and design resources will definitely ease your workload, help you progress, and be profitable in the long run. Along with design resources, this list also includes stationery subscription resources. If you are a chronic stationery hoarder like me, you are sure to love these!

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link. It’s okay – I love all of these companies anyways, and you will too!


Art and design resource websites have grown incredibly quickly, and there are plenty of wonderful resources with all kinds of spectacular goodies on offer, so I have rounded up my favorites for you. These design bundle reviews will help you in assessing which design resource works best for you!



If you are a graphic design buff, you will absolutely love Inkydeals. You cannot help admire the unbelievable deals that Inkydeals offers. From mock-ups, graphics, plugins, themes to photoshop add ons, Inkydeals is a powerhouse packed with value. Often, I have found different solutions that I am looking for clubbed as one bundle making it really cost-effective for me. My top pick is their new arrival, The Super Gorgeous Fonts Bundle. Inkydeals don't only offer amazing deals and bundles but their great prices and guarantees make them stand out from the crowd.


Imagine a website where you look for one design template and find a surprising bundle of similar templates...wouldn't that be like finding a gold mine? Design Bundles is full of such design assets to help you create colorful, original, attractive art, and craftwork. The best part is their offerings are in bundles of happiness! Also, their font and design bundles are available for a limited amount of time only, so if you miss the deal, it is gone forever! Design Bundles has some of the best designers who create exclusive and extensive design resources for them. From time to time, they also offer their popular design bundles free of charge, that is if you are really lucky! One of their bestsellers, The Wonderful Graphics Bundle IV (yes, they had three more prior to this!) is like a resource library in itself and is a MUST buy!


For me, Pixelo has been my most profitable discovery, more like discovering Aladdin's magic lamp. Their resources have always helped me in creating unique graphics and stunning designs. The main aim of Pixelo is to ease the design challenges that creatives face every day. Aside from picturesque and extravagant graphics, Pixelo is a haven for beautiful fonts. Each of their best font bundles is created and handpicked to make your design process smooth and easy. I am totally in love with their Fantastic Fusion bundle and it is sure to ease most of your design worries, all in ONE go!



If you visit Cratejoy, you will get a multitude of subscription boxes that will fit all your needs. For me, Cratejoy is like a genie, anything, and everything I wish for, it has a subscription box for that!

Some of my treasured favorites are their stationery subscription boxes, especially MOOD by Innocent Bones, which is a luxury stationery bi-monthly box. If you are a budding artist you will find a host of bundles and subscriptions here that are quintessential for you. The Glam and Inspire subscription box is a monthly subscription I cannot do without. Their boxes are like goodness packed in a box!

Once a month pamper yourself with these awesome subscription boxes and get goodies like stationery (of course), candles, bath, and body products for a fee which is almost negligible in comparison to their actual value.


If you are a skilled crafter and DIY expert, Pop Shop America has a variety of subscription boxes for you. They offer diverse subscription boxes including DIY, handmade beauty, and jewelry. There really is something for everyone no matter what you enjoy. I subscribed for a box on Pop Shop America as I enjoyed the feeling of getting a surprise in my mail every month. With their craft boxes for adults, you will never have to run here and there to find the best art and craft supplies as they give you ready kits for all kinds of craftwork. Their Deluxe Watercoloring DIY kit is the ideal choice if you are a watercolor genius.


Tonic Studios UK offers a collection of innovative and ingenious kits and boxes. You will be shocked at the possibilities that they can come up with! They have these amazing Exclusive Wednesdie Deals which have a mix and match of different bundle types every week! Tonic Studios has something called The Craft Room which is a platform full of inspiration, information, and tutorials. The Tonic Studios Monthly Craft Subscription is definitely a great investment if you are prone to experimenting with crafts.



Do you struggle to arrange a breathtaking flat lay photoshoot? What if I told you, you don't need to fret over clicking such photos and you will still find the type of photo you are looking for? One such agency is Depositphotos, which is a well-established stock photo agency and is amongst the top companies in the market. They offer a large library of royalty-free stock photos and wide pricing options to fit in everyone's budget. If you are in need of an excellent visual, just head to Depositphotos and half your work is done!


PhotoWhoa is the starter pack for all aspiring photographers' needs. It is not only a library full of resources and royalty-free photos for artists but also helpful guides to improve your photography skills. Not only are the products excellent on PhotoWhoa but their prices are super affordable. They have recently launched their PLUS membership which is for all their loyal fans. Their program offers awesome perks to its members. You pay an annual reasonable fee and enjoy the benefits of your membership all year long! Is there a better deal than that?


I hope you've enjoyed this quintessential list of free design resources and it will prove to be super useful to you! Believe me, this list is like your bible. There are always newer resources that I’m adding to this list, so bookmark it, Pin It to your Design Resources page and periodically come back to check out what’s new!

Do you have a favorite site for downloading free design goodies? Tell me about it below in the comments...

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