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How to Choose the Perfect Brand Designer?


You have decided to take the plunge. It's time to get your business a new brand identity. What is stopping you? Have you heard those horror stories from your friends about designers who have scammed them or delivered average work? You definitely don't want someone like that. With such a plethora of options, choosing the right designer can become a difficult choice.

Looking for a solution? Buckle up, get a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and go through this amazing guide to find the ideal designer for your business.

Branding your business should be a fun exercise and not tire you down. To ensure that you get your return on investment, choosing the right designer is essential. Here are my top tips to select the perfect designer for your business.


So, let's dig into the factors that should be considered while making a conscious decision to choose your visual brand designer:



This is the most important factor you need to consider before narrowing down on your options for a designer. If you go through the entire process of choosing the perfect designer but don't have the budget for it, it will be a criminal waste of your time and theirs.

It can be tempting to go for lower budget options and choose designers who charge $300 for branding, but you might face certain issues with them,

• Improper delivery of final files

• Generic designs and average work

• Inconsistency and broken communication

After careful examination of the graphic design packages prices only, you should consider the amount and time you want to spend on your brand identity design for your business. To keep worrying about paying your designer can destroy the branding experience for you and the designer, hence it is necessary to decide whether you are ready to make a financial commitment for your branding.


Nowadays, all the famous brand designers share their portfolio to give their prospects a glimpse of the work they can do. This also helps the prospects to decide whether the designer is the right fit for them. For example, if you hire a product designer that works for huge corporations to design your branding strategy as a solopreneur, it might not work. Every designer has their own unique capabilities. Some designers can design anything and everything, and they are good at it too, but there are others who have an area they specialize in. You need to decide whether you want an all-rounder or a specialist. In my opinion, if you need any add ons in the future, an all-rounder is a good fit otherwise a specialist is appropriate if you have a one time project. Choosing a strong portfolio with expertise in the genre of design you are looking for is the foremost step in selecting a suitable visual brand designer for your project.



Before you buy a product online, you always check the reviews right? The same goes for when you are engaging with a visual brand designer.

You want to work with someone you trust and has a good reputation. So take a look at their customer testimonials page online, see if anyone else has recommended them, and what the chatter is about them on social media.

You’ll soon get a sense of what others’ experiences have been based on which you can judge your personal branding journey with the designer.


A streamlined design process will help you in getting the best output from your designer. It is necessary that the designer you choose has a thorough brand design process from the client onboarding procedure to final product delivery. You will find a lot of designers who churn out work as quickly as fast food but you will never feel satisfied with what they deliver. A well-planned design process helps you in realizing that what you paid for is worth the money and experience.

Do you want to select the perfect designer for your business? Download this fully editable FREE Glorious Guide to choosing the Perfect Designer and narrow down on your options to make your best choice!



A visual brand designer needs to ask a variety of questions to clearly understand your goals for the design project.

Questions about your target audience, company procedures, future prospects, vision, and mission are mandatory and will make you believe in the professionalism of the designer.

Attention to detail, a well-organized design process, trustworthiness, a good project and time management system need to be analyzed to gauge whether the designer is truly a professional.


The last piece of the puzzle is understanding the availability of your chosen designer. Some designers have a booking page on their website where you can book them for a specific period. Others may communicate their availability to you after you inquire. Creating a design is a meticulous process and the availability of the designer throughout the process is essential. There might be designers who are a part of the project at the onset and then never reach the final delivery stage. This might leave you in a sticky position as a client. Therefore, understanding that the designer is available through the entire design process is necessary for generating quality output.


Selecting the perfect brand designer for your project is an art and to master that art, I have created The Glorious Guide which is a good starting point for you to make an informed decision. Do remember a designer who will deliver above and beyond your expectations; one that'll be a joy to work with and who will create a truly compelling face for your business is your final destination.

*Images and visual assets are sourced from Unsplash, Envato Elements, and Pexels.

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