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3 Common Misconceptions while Hiring a Brand Designer

Winners! The word itself lights up your day, right? So, today I am going to be announcing the winners for the 'Share your DIY workspace challenge'! I got some amazing responses and it was tough to pick out one winner, so I selected two! More on that front a little later...Let's begin today by clearing out some common misconceptions while hiring a brand designer.

Are you on the fence about hiring a professional for a design job?  Let’s dive into some hesitations about hiring a professional and their resolutions that will lead your business on the path of massive success!


1. HESITATION - Your Idea will not be clear enough for your audience

Let's say you want to create a creative campaign for your brand. You have a strong vision of it, all the information ready, and have a great idea to execute it. You feel hiring someone else to execute it might result in your idea not shining through...

RESOLUTION - Designers are creative thinkers and thorough

A designer not only understands your idea but also helps in making it visually appealing. A professionally skilled designer might even enhance the overall idea and its presentation. Creative thinking skills and problem-solving are part of a designer's work process. Not only this, but a designer may also point out details that you might have overlooked like a website URL, an address, or a phone number. Designers do this every day and it is part of their daily workflow, so they have a good idea of all the information that needs to go as a part of your campaign and their eye will catch oversights. Based on your initial scope of work discussions, designers can easily gauge your priorities, the level of creativity you require, and the best way to create exactly what you need.

2. HESITATION - Designers are expensive

It's no secret that hiring a pro for design can be expensive. You are thinking just matching some fonts and illustrations for creating a logo should not cost much and you rather do it yourself.

RESOLUTION - You can expect refined quality work

I know many of you may be wine connoisseurs and I am sure you know the difference between cheap wine and exquisite mature wine. The fragrance, taste, and color are worlds apart. Similarly, a refined taste palate is always expensive. Can you usually tell when something's been hand-drawn versus been designed by a pro? Designers have knowledge of the visual hierarchy of typography - meaning they know how to manipulate the spacing, size, and font in order to best communicate your message. They are well-versed in making designs that ensure the audience’s eyes travel to each piece of information in the order you want. It sounds a bit crazy… but it’s true! The smallest of design elements that you may not even notice will guide the reader’s eye in a certain way. Your final product will be elegant, cohesive, clean-cut, and send a message of professionalism to your clients.

3. HESITATION - Designers take time to finish the work

You feel that hiring a designer might take time and are wary of the whole process in getting the creative problem solved. You might think to do it yourself might be easier.

RESOLUTION - Good design is the product of a time-consuming process

Creating good and honest work takes time. Like any other profession, designers follow a certain structure and procedure. Take, for instance, you might feel creating a brand only includes a logo and stationery, how tough can that be to finish right? That's not the case, when you tell a designer you want to get a brand created from them, they have to visualize loads of things, your logo, your brand inspiration board, your brand elements, brand style, brand fonts, stationery style, brand guidelines, some designers also include brand voice, brand tone, and many other factors! So getting a good and functional design that incorporates business strategy takes time.

I hope I have cleared all the misconceptions that stand in the way of you hiring a good brand designer. With that said, time for the winners! Thanks a lot for participating in this challenge and sending me such good entries!

I had a great time looking at all your DIY home workspaces and choosing winners was really really tough...however, two entries were completely killer and I had to choose them as the winners.... the first being Jaiman Dhaar from India.

He created a pristine white workspace with wooden accents. I love the way he smartly used negative spacing as it makes the office look spacious. He has also used some golden elements in his new home-based workspace to add some sparkle. And the overall theme looks like a modern meets vintage combination as he has added small details like an antique brass phone. Take a look at his office...

The second winner is Evelyn Ophelia from Odesa, Ukraine

She has created a really cute feminine workspace for herself using a pastel palette. I love the colors she chose and touches of pop that she added. She also put up a motivational quote frame and some pop colored planters to incorporate green and gold in her color scheme. Overall the theme of this office is quite uplifting and motivates you to wake up and work! Check out her office below...


That's all folks for this time, next week I will be posting some more awesome design tips, do come back for that...

*Images and visual assets are sourced from Unsplash, Envato Elements, and Pexels.

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Also, remember to stay home, stay safe, comment, like, and subscribe if you liked this post! And if you have created your own DIY workspace, even though the challenge is over I would love to see it!

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2 comentarios

Really respect designers! They put a lot of creativity and effort in to their work and deserve the pay!

Me gusta

Excellently written. I agree with your views. Mostly, designers are underestimated and underrated.

Me gusta
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