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30 Days, 30 Logos - How to design logos like a ninja!

I am sure you must have enjoyed reading my previous blogs, about the daily quarantimes, and setting up your own DIY home workspace. If you haven't this is the right time to check them out by clicking here. I took a detour from my logo design challenge blog series to write about current issues as that was the need of the hour, but now that things are cooling down with the temperatures rising up and killing the virus in many parts of the world, I would like to continue with my logo design series further...

Coming back to my logo design challenge, this is the last logo design process that I will be sharing. Don't worry it's not the end yet! After this, I will give you readers, a preview of all my completed logos! YES, I completed the challenge! 30 Days, 30 Logos! Now, I want all your comments on which logos you like best and which you think could be better! Here goes the last logo design process of the blog series...

The size of your business does not matter, creating a logo is a big step! It may seem beyond your skillset if you do not know much about graphics. (I am always ready to help in such a case!) Before you start designing your logo, it is important to analyze your needs. How will you make use of your logo? There are several types of logos and each one has connotations, advantages, and disadvantages.

Each of these logos is suitable for different companies and their needs. Once you are familiar with these 5 types of logos, there is no stopping you on walking on the path of becoming a logo design ninja!


Monogram - The first type of logo is the monogram, which uses the first letter(s), or an acronym of your company name to make up your logo. This type of logo is perfect if it is displayed in a square or very small format. Its simplicity will remain legible. For example, in a favicon, a social profile picture, or a business card.

Signature - This type of logo only uses the name of the company to make a typographic logo without a symbol. These logos can be used in just about any field or business, but work much better for companies that have a fairly short name.

Symbol - The symbol logo is another extremely popular type of logo. It is a logo without text and where the brand is represented only by a symbol. With major brands like MasterCard, Apple or Shell, using only one symbol to represent their brand, you may think this type of logo is the key to success.

Combined Logo - A combined logo is a combination of a signature and a symbol or monogram. Also used by many large companies, this is the most flexible type of logo. It allows you to have a pictogram and a text that you can use in many ways. When you have a combined logo, you have the freedom to use your logo and your signature independently. For more information on how to create combined logos, browse through my blogs, click here.

Badge - Badge logos are logos where the name of the company is included in a shape along with a symbol and/or slogan. The text is often curved. The shape gives the logo a label look, which gives a vintage connotation to your brand. That is why this type of logo is often used in sports, restaurants, or bottle labels.

So, when you are selecting a logo from many options, keep in mind which one suits your brand best. Sometimes, a combined logo may be required for better recognition, similarly, a symbol could represent your brand if it is already known.


Coming back to the logo design challenge, on day 10 the logo design prompt was pretty unusual, a pumpkin patch! Scroll below to see what I created,

Steps on achieving logo design ninja hood!

Step 1 - The name I selected for the pumpkin patch was Patchwork pumpkins. It was a pretty straightforward and direct name, to be honest, but I had an awesome idea brewing for the logo, so I went ahead with this name.

Step 2 - I decided I wanted to play a bit with this logo, so I made sketches that had a pumpkin but with a patch in the center. Finally, I selected this logo symbol as my favorite.

Step 3 - Fonts! Font choice for this one was a tough call. The font needed to be playful and at the same time should be considered professional! I thought the best way was to combine two fonts, a script one for a more casual feel, and a serif font for a more polished look. With some modifications and a good color palette, the logo design looked complete.

This design took me very little time to create as I took into consideration the points I mentioned above. I felt a combined logo would look the best for this brand. You can create awesome logos too with these tips in mind!

So what are you waiting for, go have some fun with your logo creations! And yes, please like, share, comment, and subscribe if you loved this article!

If you want to share your logo designs with me or need help with them, feel free to contact me on

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