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30 Days, 30 Logos - The Top 4 tips to becoming a logo design expert!

We have already talked about a few tips for creating a great logo, and obviously, the uniqueness of a logo is crucial for it to be successful. To best represent your business, your logo must stand out from the crowd.

To help you in your creation, I am giving you 4 tips to create a unique logo.


Spy on your competitors - Start by looking at what your competition is doing; what’s working and what’s not.  Note the similarities and differences to have a clear picture of what’s trendy in your activity area. Check the colors, and the fonts that are being used the most. To stand out from the competition, you must be aware of your competitor’s logo, and be inspired by them, but by making it different. The best way to have a unique logo is to create a logo that is modern, timeless and one that stands out.

Add your own colors - If you are creating a logo from scratch use a color palette with a meaning attached to it. Like tertiary colors can be used for the logo of an organic brand. If you are taking help of vectors and templates for logos modify it to express your company's values. Also consider changing the colors to something that communicates your brand values.

Avoid clichés - A lightbulb for an electrician, the classic bearded man for a men's salon; it's easy to get into clichés when creating a logo. Several icons and colors can be considered as clichés, depending on your field of activity. However, to ensure that you have a unique logo, it is important to go beyond those clichés. Think and dare to try new ways to showcase your business. For more inspiration on unique logo designs, visit my previous blogs, click here to read more.

Think simple and flexible - Your logo will be applied to all kinds of surfaces. You must make sure that it is as effective on a business card as well as on a billboard. To do this, the key is simplicity and flexibility. The simpler your logo, the easier it will be to adapt. A complicated logo full of details will not come out well when printed in small sizes,  just as a logo of poor quality will not print well in bigger sizes.


My logo design challenge journey is taking new turns everyday. I find new ways to create logos that are different and make a person dwell as to what the brand is all about. On the 9th day of the logo challenge this is what I came up with,

Step 1 - A brand name is equally important for a good logo. I listed few names but I felt Safehouse described what I wanted to communicate exactly. I think when people read the word safe, psychologically, they get a bit more relaxed and believe in the company.

Step 2 - After this I started doodling, trying to create a logo symbol. I came up with many designs but none of them unified the word 'Safehouse'. So I broke up the word and thought is it possible to create a symbol from 'safe' and 'house'? Yes it was! A safe is always inside a house, I created the safe as the door of the house which described the name exactly. I felt this symbolized the company quite well.

Step 3 - The toughest part for me, font choice! I always use sans serif fonts (my favorites!) if you have noticed? But this logo design required a more refined and sober look, so I felt a serif font was a better choice. I chose a clean and minimal serif font and created a typographic unit.

Step 4 - For the colors, I chose blue and gray, blue builds trust in the company and gray portrayed that the company was stable and professional. Voila, the logo design is ready!

I hope these easy peasy considerations and tips make logo designing fun and simple for you too. With that being said, I hope your logo creation process is awesome and you are able to create a unique logo for your business!

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Do remember, if you require a professional touch for your logos, mail me on and I will be glad to help you out!

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