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30 Days, 30 Logos - How to own your next logo design!

There's more to crafting a brand's visual identity than just placing a name in a square and calling it a day. Logo designers are in high demand, and it's for good reason — a logo is often a company's first impression, one that can impact a customer's brand perception.


The thought process behind logo making is pretty complex, a lot of ideation and rough sketches is not just it. Aesthetic sense, good visual hierarchy and color balance also needs to be concentrated on. So, my advice own the logo ideation process, let your brand personality drip into it and voila, you have an awesome logo!


On the seventh day of the logo design challenge, the prompt was pretty interesting. A city! The question is how do you combine a city into a logo? I changed my design process here.

Step 1 - I listed all the cities with their unique features, especially those I wanted to travel to!

Step 2 - Picking a style, I thought a minimal approach would look the best here.

Step 3 - I selected the city of PISA for my logo design. I was always in awe of the Leaning tower of Pisa and I thought I could add that as an element in the logo design.

Step 4 - Owning my design! It struck me that the 'I' in the word 'Pisa' could be designed to look like the Leaning tower itself! I patted myself on the back for owning this design!

Step 5 - I selected a simple sans serif font and increased the tracking, maneuvered the 'I' to look like the Leaning Tower and my black and white logo was ready!

Step 6 - I remember from references I read in books that towers and old monuments in Italy were usually created with red bricks. So I gave a venetian/brick red color to the logo for more authenticity.

You can see the final logo on top. With every passing day I feel like my logo design journey is getting better and more exciting! Are you enjoying it too? Leave your comments below and don't forget to like, share and subscribe!

More design challenges coming up soon!

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