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30 Days, 30 logos - Ideas to spark your logo designs!

Have you ever wondered where to get ideas from for creating the best logos? Sometimes you hit a creative block while designing and need inspiration for that creative spark to hit you. Some places you can find inspiration are:

1. Pinterest

2. Dribble

3. Behance

4. Creative Bloq

5. Logo Pond

6. Logo Moose

These are the run to resources when I need inspiration and they always work like magic. Try them and you will experience the creative spark you are looking for!


So for all those who have been following my logo design challenge journey, on Day 8 my logo design prompt was a photographer/photo studio. This is what I came up with:

Step 1 -When I began with the ideation, camera was the first thing that hit me. I know that is pretty direct, but I thought the camera could look completely different if I worked on it a bit more. I have experienced that all photographer's have their own signature. I felt a signature would describe the studio's values really well.

Step 2 - So I made several drafts, the top photo (opening shot) is an example of one of the drafts, but I realized if it is minimized it won't be easy to read, so I tried other signature script fonts. Finally I found one which fit in my camera lens perfectly!

Step 3 - For colors, I felt red would be a great color as it represents passion and a lot of photographer's pursue photography as they are passionate about it.

This logo took me hardly any time to create, that's because my idea was clear, what I wanted to show was clear and hence the execution was easy.


While designing a logo, put emphasis on the idea for the logo, what message does the idea convey and believe me execution will be hassle free.

Also ignite your creative spark by drawing inspiration from useful resources which I gave and see how your thought process speeds up!

A lot more coming soon, please like, share, comment and subscribe if you thought this article was helpful.

Hope to see you soon!

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