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30 Days, 30 Logos - Day 4 Prompt: Community Theater Group

Today's prompt is design a new logo for a community theater group. I was redesigning company logos everyday but from now on the challenge states to design a new logo for a company.

So the first step is to think of names, I listed almost 20 names before starting. I narrowed down on one which stood out, Movie Carnival Theater Group. I mean it was two odd words put together, Movie and Carnival, this could make the logo interesting.

I made a few sketches and I was able to come up with a carnival tent, but the question was how to incorporate movie elements into it. I listed out few elements that came to my mind, and I realized a film strip and a clap board could be incorporated into the carnival tent conveniently. Do you want to see the final output, wait no further, just scroll down:

I made the opening of the tent have a film strip shaped banner and added two clap boards for more effect. Now, it looked like a finished piece. Both the factors I wanted to communicate were clearly expressed.

Next was choosing colors, I first chose plain stark red for the entire logo. But I wasn't convinced, the colors needed to be more playful and unique. So I went in for a really different color scheme, light purple blue, pink and chrome yellow. I felt these colors made the cut as they clearly expressed the feeling of visiting a carnival.

I gave a few finishing touches and read the list of prompts again to see what was there for the next day. Come back to read my blog for knowing logo secrets and becoming a logo ace!

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Adios and Cheers, till tomorrow!

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