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30 Days, 30 Logos - Be a Logo Design PRO!

Hello fellow readers!

Before I begin, few steps I consider before designing a logo:

1. Mark your target Market - Your target market will define the type of logo you create.

2. Research - Research is a vital element of logo design. You must start by researching your entire industry to see what kinds of logos the big players are using.

3. Be Prepared to Draw a lot of Rough Sketches - One of the areas that I see a lot of people struggle with is the brainstorming phase of logo design. It’s very rare to get it perfect on the first try so be prepared to draw a lot of sketches as inspiration. Then you can connect the dots, combine specific ideas, and then create your final design.

4. Carefully Consider the Font Type and Colors Used - Every color carries a different emotional attachment with it so you must carefully consider this when creating a brand logo. Font type also plays a role. More playful font types express a more casual setting while serious fonts represent a sense of professionalism.

5. Be creative and keep it simple - Always remember simplicity shines through whether you are creating a logo or any other brand elements.

These are some of the steps I follow to create logos that stand out when compared to their competitors. On Day 5, I created the following logo:

The prompt was to create a logo for a landscaping company so I started with thinking of names. I wanted the company to feel real and something the audience can connect to, Homegrown Landscaping was a name that made the cut.

I researched a lot on current market trends of how landscaping companies did their logos. I made some sketches, trying to create the feeling of being home in a well landscaped garden.

Finally, I came up with this design where I showed the 'H' of Homegrown as the home and the 'O' as a peaceful natural place. After finalizing my sketch, I started considering type, I was looking for a simple sans serif font and all designers always have a list of favorite fonts, Monsterrat is one such favorite font of mine. I created the word Homegrown in that font and I was pretty happy with how it looked. I wanted the word Landscaping to be small in size but I wanted to create a dramatic effect. So, I increased the tracking (equal space between letters) to show more clarity.

As I stated above, choosing color is a major step while creating a logo. Most of the landscaping logos were bright to medium green but I felt a dark green would define nature in a more apt way. I chose a dark green and created a gradient effect for the 'O' and Landscaping. The gradient in the 'O' was to create a more sunset like ambience for the logo. To understand in depth about color psychology while creating a logo, refer to my previous post in which I mentioned how to decide the best color for your logo, the link for the article is:

Creating a fantastic logo is a time-consuming process because there are so many factors that must be considered before you even get started. But once you have a great logo, it will scream for attention. If you keep the factors I stated above in mind before creating a logo, your logo design will make a lasting impression on your target market.

Please comment, like and share if you enjoyed reading this article. I will be posting soon about the next logo I made, believe me, it is an interesting one. So till next time, adios!

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