5 Acts of Self Care to Try this Weekend


If you would've asked me a year ago whether I take self-care goals seriously, I would have looked at you and thought this person is a bit cuckoo in the head, can't they see I am doing EVERYTHING for self-care whether that includes eating healthy, sleeping well or even exercising. Boy, was I wrong!

I thought self-care is all about maintaining good work and health balance. I soon realized that my ideology was totally faulty and actually self-care is about 'feeling good about oneself'. You need to treat yourself like how you would treat someone you love. It took me 6 months after this self conversation to reach this realization.

This change in my attitude changed everything in my life. It reflected like a mirror. Everyone's attitude towards me changed, and my own family could definitely feel the change. That's when I realized all I needed was a shift in thought and caring for myself. So now that you see how self-care activities had a positive impact on my life, knowing this, I would love to share my top 5 acts of self-care that you must try out this weekend!

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Having trouble keeping things organized? I wrote a guest post for one of my blogger friends', Leslie Windell on this topic. The post is a round-up of some insanely useful organization tips which I am sure you have never thought of, check them out here.

There’s a lot of pressure — to do your best, look your best and show the world that you’re living your best life, but absolutely none of this involves feeling your best. And that’s where your self-care list comes in. So each weekend devote some time to rejuvenate yourself with these acts:



Even if our bodies are up, our brains take a while to wake up. I am sure most of you keep 3, 4, or 5 alarms set to wake you up early so you don't miss your morning commute or reach office late. However, on weekends, follow 'the steady morning rise' routine. Relieve yourself of the thousands of alarms you set on weekdays as weekends are meant for rest and revitalization. Be self-indulgent, stretch your limbs, and allow yourself to wake up slowly and calmly.



Don't wake up and just rush to the park or the Farmer's market without sipping your cuppa joe full of goodness. It's a crime!

During the week, mornings are hurried and quick, so you might never get the time to enjoy your morning tea/coffee.

So the weekends are your time to curl up on your sofa or sit by the window and sip your hot cup of coffee or soothing herbal tea

without any disturbances.

You can also try infused cold tea and sip it while enjoying the view from your bedroom window!



  2. You must be wondering what a 'praise pile' means right? If you are a bibliophile, you will surely relate, as all bibliophiles have never-ending piles of books in their houses.

A 'praise pile' is a pile of praises you have received during the week. These praises could be really simple to spot. Your roommate might have complimented the coffee you made or your friend told you that you looked good in a particular outfit. Yes, it's that simple! This weekend, collect them all, stack them up (just like your books), and remind yourself that you are worth every praise that you received. Those praises were for you and you alone. Realize that you make a difference in the world and praise yourself for creating that difference.


Weekends are the time to be your own mood manager! What does a mood manger's job description include? Throughout the week, try to analyze the days you woke up in a foul mood or had negative emotions about your life. Create a pretty mood managing journal, buy the best ones on Cratejoy, and jot down the reasons these emotions were triggered. Now, every week work on one aspect/reason and strike it off your emotions list. By the end of two, maybe three months you will have your moods and emotions fully under control. Voila, you are an incredible mood manager for sure!

If you want to enrich your mind, body, and soul, you need to buy the Self Care Bundle. This bundle encompasses a library full of ebooks and courses for upgrading your self-care process. The bundle focuses on putting yourself first in the scheme of things! Whether you are struggling with weight loss issues or trying to focus on your fitness regime, this bundle has cheat sheets, workbooks, and a number of useful tips for you. For a limited time, the Self Care Bundle is available at the discounted price, and believe me, you need to buy it now!

Choose to focus on YOURSELF first and the rest will fall into place!

Need more suggestions for self-care activities? Snag my Self Care Detox Suggestions List now and pamper yourself to eternity!



I always ignored beauty and personal care and these things never made a difference to me. Then I discovered some extraordinary products from The Ayurvedic Experience!

Their IYURA Vegan hair nectar is the ultimate moisturizing my hair needed, plus it comes in creative reusable packaging! It became a collectible for me for this reason and the fact that it is packed with the goodness of 8 ancient hair herbs.

Do you need a hot refreshing bath to relax on the long weekend? Based on research, the Dead Sea Salts have proven to have a cleansing and renewing effect on the body.

Serene Holdings has come up with a revolutionary product called the Serenecannabis Dead Sea Bath salts for those refreshing and re-energizing long weekend baths. It's a MUST buy if you want to wake up fresh for your upcoming work week.


A self soothe box is a collection of items that can relax you and make you stress-free. This box takes a while to build though. At first, you might feel the box will be empty as you are well taken care of. With time you will realize a lot of things that are lost and forgotten will make it to this very box! To make your own self-care box, you can buy a cute and compact box, try Craftstash if you want some awesome collective favor boxes. Some exciting things you can include in the self-care box are:

  • Old photos, school times, family picnics, college farewell, etc.

  • Some motivating handwritten quotes

  • A perfume you really love

  • Notebooks or Journals - Altenew has some lovely ones

  • Scented candles

  • Postcards

  • Ribbons - Pop Shop America has a promising collection

  • Unicorn Pens

  • Confetti

Make sure to include all your essential self-care items, so whenever you open it works like a stressbuster for you! All these things are sure to trigger your happy memories...


I am sure you will be completely refreshed and renewed with energy for the new work week until the next weekend rolls in!

*Images and visual assets are sourced from Unsplash and Pexels.

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I hope you loved these self-care goals as much as I do!

Now it's your turn! Tell me about your self-care sanity spot or your favorite things you do to pamper yourself! Leave your answers in the comments or mail me on nandita.sampat21@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!

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